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  • Title: இயற்றலும் ஈட்டலும் காத்தலும்...21-07-2024
    Date of Start: 21-07-2024
    Timing: 8:30 to 13:30
    Date of Start: 13-07-2024
    Timing: 9:30 to 13:30
    Venue: Go-Past Centre for Learning Pvt Ltd,115 / 116 / 117 Thirumalai Nagar 4 th Street,Off Service Road,Anakaputtur,Chennai- 600 070, Tamilnadu, India
    Date of Start: 18-07-2024
    Timing: 9:30 to 16:30
    Venue: Go-Past Centre for Learning Pvt Ltd,115 / 116 / 117 Thirumalai Nagar 4 th Street,Off Service Road,Anakaputtur,Chennai- 600 070, Tamilnadu, India
  • Title: CHENNAI MISSION MDRT 47th Batch 1st Session
    Date of Start: 08-08-2024
    Timing: 9:30 to 13:30
    Venue: Go-Past Centre for Learning Pvt Ltd,115 / 116 / 117 Thirumalai Nagar 4 th Street,Off Service Road,Anakaputtur,Chennai- 600 070, Tamilnadu, India
    Date of Start: 11-07-2024
    Timing: 9:30 to 13:30
    Venue: ONLINE
About Us
"Gopast learning center was born when three great individuals , passionate of training, Mr.R.Gopinath, Mr.J.Parasuraman and Mr.B.J.Stanis met at Singapore dedicating their future to the cause of training. Gopast has a challenging vision, inspiring mission and passionate values."

Our Vission

Earn Global recognition as the best institution in facilitating learning amongst individuals and professionals and the best centre in guiding people towards excellence in their livse.

Our Mission

We are involved in sharpening the skills and shaping the attitude through training, coaching and consulting

We are involved in enhancing the leadership qualities and capabilities in our lients

We are involved in supporting our clients to achieve global standards through our training interventions

We are the runway for our clients to take-off to their destinations

Our Values

Go past the limits

Investment in continuous improvement

Honesty and integrity in all our deeds and thoughts Clients' interest is the foremost

Respect the esteem in each individual

Innovation is our blood line

Learning is joy

More than adequate infra-structure.

Some of the most acclaimed sessions:

SIXER: This is a six months training module on leadership qualities specially addressing the managers of sales/marketing of life insurance products. Some of the testimonials of the participants of these sessions, express overwhelming emotional accolades apart from having imbibed perceptible changes in their style of relating to their teams and their performances. This session involves 6 half day class room training followed by practical exercises in the field, spread over six months.

SOARING HIGH, BEYOND EXCELLENCE, ROOTS FOR GREATNESS AND THE GENIUS: these are high profile training sessions running for 10 months at Mumbai, at the behest of ALICA a MDRT recognized professional body. 40 top insurance consultants who are well known in the industry for their professional excellence are undergoing this training to build themselves into world class business leaders retailing insurance products. These modules involve 10 full day class room training followed by practical exercises in the field spread over one year.

MDRT prospects; these sessions are conducted for a period of 6 months ( at times up to 8 months or 10 months depending upon the profile of the trainee group). Objective of these sessions is to imbibe the competency (both skills and emotional capabilities) required to scale the peak of the Million Dollar Round Table which is an international recognition for the life insurance advisors. These sessions have a frequency of a month ranging from half day sessions to full day sessions in the class room followed by practical exercises in the field spread over 6 months.

MDRT Advance Level :

Core concepts of this course are: Life insurance and Financial planning, Niche markets in Life insurance, Enhancing communication skills, Building a strong brand of the self and the Power of passion.
Meant for passionate insurance professionals who aspire to be the best in the Insurance world.


This course is to provide some basic outlook in life insurance selling. Insurance personals who have made recent entry into the life insurance industry within one year will be benefited by this course. Two sessions will be conducted once in a month.

Most of the other sessions are tailored to suit the need of the clients and has varying syllabus to fulfill the objective of this training interventions.


Former C.E.O and Managing Director of LIC Lanka,

Now the C.E.O. of Gopast Centre for Learning (p) ltd.,

Managing Director of Harmoney Wealth Advisory Services India (p) ltd.

Presently offering Management Consultancy to 4 Companies with net worth over 4000 Crores.

His memberships and accreditations

  • Is a member of Chartered Insurance Institute London UK.

  • Is a member of the Indian Management Association through the Madras Chapter.

  • Nominated member for the Insurance Sub Committee of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

  • Has served as a visiting faculty for the Rajendra Prasad Institute of Management and the Barathiya Vidya Bhavan for their MBA programmes at Jamnagar- India involving in class room lectures, setting up question papers, evaluation for the internal assessment and also guiding the students for the project studies.

Awards and recognitions

  • Has been awarded the "Outstanding Young Person Award" in 1992 by the Junior Chambers

  • Has been awarded the prestigious title "Vidya Vibushana" by the Gnyan Jyothi Kalamandira, Bangalore

  • Has received the award for achieving the maximum growth in the first premium in the entire country (India) and also for crossing the first premium budget with the widest margin in the entire country as the Divisional Manager.

On invitation

  • Addressed the 13th SINGAPORE AGENCY MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE (SAMC) 2010 on 4th and 5th February 2010.

  • Addressed the LUA Convention 2009 Bangkok-Thailand as Main Platform speaker on the title INNER POWER and work shop session on the title PARENTING THE ADULT

  • Addressed the APFINSAs Asia Pacifc Life Insurance 11th Congress in April 2009 at Macau China to an overwhelming response of over 6000 delegates on the topic "Selling Is An Emotional Exchange"

  • The main platform speaker at the NAMLIFA 11th Tami Congress in April 2008 at Genting Malaysia, over 2000 Life Insurance advisors/ managers participated in this seminar.

  • Addressed as the main Platform Speaker at the NAMLIFA Mega Convention 2006 at Kuala lumpur, Malaysia on the topic "Selling is an Emotional Exchange".

  • Has addressed the "NAMLIFA Mega Convention" at Genting- Malaysia, in June 2002. With the topic' " crown yourself"

  • Has addressed the LUA (life underwriters association) at Singapore in June 2001.

  • Has addressed the 'NAMLIA Mega Convention' at KL, Malaysia in May 2001 with the topic, " dare to dream"

  • Has addressed the life agency managers as the main platform speaker at the seminar organised by the Positive Peak Management Institution at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More than 300 managers from various companies took part in February 2005.

  • The main platform speaker at the seminar organised by the Positive Peak Management Institution at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for over 700 agents. More than 1000 VCDs of this speech have been sold at the venue in February 2005.

  • Has addressed the LUGI an International Convention of the life underwriters at Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad.

  • As guest of honour at the Ilangai Tamil Sangam spoke on the topic "andrum, indrum, endrum thirukkural"

  • Panelist for the last 2 years at the Insurance congress at Srilanka Organised by the Insurance Institute of Srilanka.

  • A regular speaker invitee in the forums like Rotary, Chambers of Commerce and the Management Associations, the winners club at Hyderabad and ALICA.

  • More than 100,000 agents have undergone the inspirational and the educational presentations in the hundreds of sessions addressed by Mr. R.Gopinath in person.

Some scribblings

  • Has authored many articles and two of them widely published "creativity can it be recreated?" And "salesmen add NLP to your kit".

  • His first book "Pudhiyathor Ulagam Seiyvom" was published at Truvannamalai in Tamilnadu

  • His second book widely sold is on mind management scripted in Tamil titled "Sinthipom Saathipom"

  • 3 books are slated to be released this year "REINFORCEMENTS" and "CROWN YOURSELF" in English and "Sengol" in Tamil with the core concept of leadership.

  • An educational CD on Time Management titled "life is a one time opportunity" was released by Satvat Infosol. More than 1000 CDs have been sold within the first month of its release.

  • Now more 20 CDs both video and audio have been published since then in 4 languages

Some positions held

  • The founder CEO and MD of the Life Insurance Corporation (Lanka) ltd. In Sri Lanka.

  • Had the onerous task of setting up the company in the competitive market where 12 companies were operating. Started off as a single person in Srilanka, today the company boasts of 19 branches/dev. Centers, engaging 85 admin. Staff, over 1500 agents, and 75 agency leaders. Also has improved its market share from the 13th position in the beginning to 8th position in 2 years time.

  • Previously the Senior Divisional Manager of LIC of India at Bangalore.

  • Joined lic in 1984 as a direct recruit officer, has held various positions, including Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and faculty member at the Zonal Training Centre.

Some Learnings

  • Has undergone the "advanced faculty development programme" at the National Insurance Academy Pune.

  • An in depth course on actuarial principles of life insurance at the National Insurance Academy-Pune India. Entitled " Actuarial appreciation for senior executives"

  • FALIA seminar conducted by the DAICHCHI life company Japan.

  • Has also been trained at the prestigious XLRI.

  • The International fame Indian School of Business ( a joint venture of Kellogs and Whartons from the USA, and the Business Houses in India)


  • Married happily to Rajalakshmi and has two loving daughters.

  • The love and affection of a big family of thousands of life insurance industry personnel.


  • Born on 10th January 1962

  • A Graduate in Mathematics

  • Has done a special study of Tamil Inscriptions

  • Holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Annamalai University.

  • Can speak 8 languages.

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