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  • Title: Hindi Mission MDRT 5th Batch
    Date of Start: 13-01-2022
    Timing: 9:30 to 13:30
    Venue: ONLINE
  • Title: LEADING FROM THE FRONT Level 1 B3 for DOs, SB3 BAs & Managers 25th Jan 2022
    Date of Start: 25-01-2022
    Timing: 9:30 to 13:30
    Venue: ONLINE
  • Title: Mission COT TOT Telugu 2ND Session
    Date of Start: 20-10-2021
    Timing: 9:30 to 13:30
    Venue: ONLINE
  • Title: Mission COT TOT Tamil 3rd Session
    Date of Start: 11-11-2021
    Timing: 9:30 to 13:30
    Venue: ONLINE
  • Title: Mission COT TOT Hindi 3rd Session
    Date of Start: 23-10-2021
    Timing: 9:30 to 13:30
    Venue: ONLINE

Development officers/Unit Managers leading a team of agents/advisors are faced with newer challenges in the area of human resources. While performance indices are adding to the pressure to some-how get results, the human resources (producing such results) are like natural resources functioning strictly according to the natural laws. Maximizing is not the solution, optimizing is.

6 major Challenges faced by Development Officers / Unit Manager

  1. Recruitment and selection of persons to add to the present team needs greater attention. Prospecting for such in-take demands a systematic approach.

  2. Training the team consisting persons of different levels of performance, operating in different market segments, needs excellent training skills and coaching methods.

  3. Motivating the team members who have varying aspiration levels, diversified ambitions in personal lives, operating from unique family backgrounds demands from the leader extraordinary patience and acute sensitivity to individual ego-limits.

  4. The fabric of communication, touching the hearts of the individual members, drawing them to contribute their might to the cause of the team, is woven by the exceptional skills ranging from individual conversations to public speaking and a whole range of tele-communication expertise.

  5. Market intelligence, positioning the products based on the trends in the market, developing unique promotional tools, needs each of the leader to master the principles of the modern marketing management.

  6. Time as a resource is adding to these challenges. To manage time is to manage life. Approach to time as a resource needs a re-look. Managing one-self needs certain paradigm shifts.

"SIXER" is the 6 module training to equip and assist the LEADERS in facing these challenges.

There has always been a debate that leaders are made, and that leaders are born. True that some are born leaders but it is also true that anyone who so desires can make himself into a great leader. All that is required is some training and more practice.

The world out there is not like the one it was a decade back. It is no more a jungle, where the fittest survive. And for that matter it is not the survival that matters now, it is making significant contribution that matters. The world out there now has a different set of players operating. They are far more informed, adept, and ambitious than ever before. They are now more sensitive. The self respect and the self-esteem-needs dominate. Lower order needs no longer are predominant concerns. In short, human beings are becoming super human.

Inspiring and leading this group of super humans need a set of super talents, a character based super super human. Believe me those characteristics are already inside you. We have experienced it, quite often. All that is required is to polish such skills and enrich such qualities to meet the challenge squarely.

To this effect gopast offers a 6 module training for leaders titled "SIXER", a half a day training session every month covering all the 6 challenges mentioned above, in SIX sessions.

All the 6 sessions will be conducted by Mr. R.Gopinath the CEO of GOPAST. The training methods will include, lectures with multi-media presentations, paper presentations by the participating development officers/unit managers, role-plays, and case-studies.

The session commences at 9.30 am sharp and will conclude with lunch.

Please visit  or +91 - 9841431767 for regn.

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